Focus market areas


Ideal solutions with low operating and service costs.

Heavy freight segment

Competitive, hydraulic solutions for applications ranging from 5 up to 50 tons and up to 40 meters.

Specialities (glas / panorama, explosion and earthquake proof)

Proven solutions to extravagant customer request

Example: (see works section).

Round and rotating disabled lift for the Grand Louvre in Paris

Heavy duty truck elevators in Hong Kong (45 tons) and London (30 tons)

Platform mechanics for the Cerro Paranal Observator in Chile



Tailor-made solutions for the modernisation of any kind of hydraulic lift. Easy to install it allows to reduce the operating and services costs remarkably.

Mechanical production

Coam is equipped for turning of shafts and long bars with diameter ranging between 35 and 320 mm and outside honing up to 290 mm with lengths up to 12 m.