Tradition and Experience

In 1944 the company AK Gebauer in Zürich starts its activity in the hydraulic field.
The engineer Alex Kurt Gebauer (from 1957 in collaboration with Mr. Santel Vincenzo) has invented and developed the first engine operating when plunged in oil realizing a pump-motor assembly for the power units for lifts and goods lifts.
He has also designed: indirect acting cylinders, pressure compensating down valves, pipe rupture safety valves and several car compensation systems if they are eccentrically loaded.

Gebauer Italiana was founded on the 14th May 1962 in Mellaredo in the province of Venice by Ing. Alex Kurt Gebauer, Sergio Stigler and other associates.

On 27th September 1972 Gebauer Italiana changed its name to C.O.A.M. S.p.A. – Hydraulic Components for Lifts and Goods Lifts.

From 1979 C.O.A.M. started designing and installing hydraulic installations.

In march 1990 Ing. Gebauer retires and transfers the entire Gebauer group, including C.O.A.M., to Schindler AG Luzern. From the designing, production and installation of complete installations passed C.O.A.M. to the series production especially of hydraulic cylinders and safety valves.

In 1994 C.O.A.M. developed and built its first hydraulically synchronised telescopic cylinders and awarded the ISO 9001 certification.

In 1999 the safety valves produced by C.O.A.M. achieved the CE certification by TÜV.

In march 2005 C.O.A.M. S.p.A. was bought by the Santel family, who has been managing it for 40 years, and became C.O.A.M. S.r.l.

Nowadays C.O.A.M., thanks to the experience matured by its owners and collaborators, goes on growing and updating for granting to its customers the same quality, reliability and service as ever.
Our high quality and long-lasting installations are placed all around the world and some of them are part of the history of the hydraulic lift.
The spare parts of any installation made by Gebauer or C.O.A.M. and any FIAM spare part are always available on written request.