C.O.A.M. and the most demanding challenges

C.O.A.M. assists you in facing the most demanding challenges in terms of hydraulic lifts and elevators.

C.O.A.M. has created a special assistance and training program for designers, technicians and managers of companies that deal with the construction, installation and maintenance of hydraulic systems for the vertical transport of people and goods, with particular regard to the most demanding projects both for their specific complexity and for the aspects linked to the integration in civil buildings also inserted in special contexts such as public places, highly frequented places, famous or historical buildings, special constructions with an innovative or complex design.

C.O.A.M. also offers a high standard of assistance and training for those involved in designing, manufacturing and installing hydraulic special lifts, elevator systems for the vertical transport of very heavy, bulky, unusual or demanding materials to carry up.

Thanks to its many years of experience, C.O.A.M. is famous throughout the world for the construction and processing of special components such as multi-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders, components that are indicated in factories where industrial or artisanal productions take place, special or heavy processing and in all those production and goods handling contexts where reliability, continuity and duration in service, as well as safety, are fundamental and mandatory elements.

When an architect, a designer, the manager of a construction and installation company of hydraulic lifts and elevators is faced with challenging projects, it is precisely at that moment that he can count on the experience and innovative capacity of the engineering division of the C.O.A.M. directed by Eng. Marco Santel.

The professional and human relationship with our customers and business partners is first in our ranking of priorities, as it is with them that every day we bring innovation to the world of vertical transport of people and goods.

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