Internal and external hydraulic lifts and elevators

The usefulness of an hydraulic lift or elevator is undisputed, its applications are increasingly oriented towards different fronts, from the large high-flow plant installed in important or prestigious architectural and industrial contexts, to the vertical transport of people and goods in highly frequented places such as shopping centers, stations, ports, airports and public places in general.

In the struggle for the removal of architectural barriers the hydraulic cylinder lift proves to be a valid and increasingly requested solution.

This also occurs in consideration of the fact that the architectural needs are very important and worth considering, as the vertical lifting with hydraulic movement elevators represents a very valid design object that architects are increasingly using both in new projects and for the adaptation of houses, condos, and in general in existing buildings where they work to adapt them to the various regulations and also to make them accessible to those who have difficulty with movement and walking.

Hydraulic elevators, due to their constructive and operational simplicity, have a “clean” interior that is normally free of cables and ropes and for this reason they are taken into great consideration by architects who deal with the design of buildings, favouring them both inside and outside new buildings but above all in the case of restoration and modernization of the existing ones.

The companies that use components designed and built by C.O.A.M. are companies that work successfully as suppliers of the architectural sector providing lifts and elevators that become real design elements, a great help for the architects engaged on this front.

C.O.A.M. has always produced components for lifts and elevators that must be integrated into buildings and that in many cases must be also admired in the architectural context, because they are mounted outside the buildings or in a good view positions.

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