Internal and external hydraulic lifts and elevators

23 Ott , 2019 - News

The usefulness of an hydraulic lift or elevator is undisputed, its applications are increasingly oriented towards different fronts, from the large high-flow plant installed in important or prestigious architectural and industrial contexts, to the vertical transport of people and goods in highly frequented places such as shopping centers, stations, ports, airports and public places in […]

C.O.A.M. and the most demanding challenges

23 Ott , 2019 - News

C.O.A.M. assists you in facing the most demanding challenges in terms of hydraulic lifts and elevators. C.O.A.M. has created a special assistance and training program for designers, technicians and managers of companies that deal with the construction, installation and maintenance of hydraulic systems for the vertical transport of people and goods, with particular regard to […]

Modernizing hydraulic lifts and elevators

23 Ott , 2019 - News

In many high-traffic environments and in innumerable places of production and movement of goods, the need for innovation always remains a growing constant. Companies that install lifts and elevators with hydraulic piston, are often required to renew the existing facilities or build new ones that need to be ever more efficient. To respond adequately to […]