Modernizing hydraulic lifts and elevators

23 Ott , 2019 - News

In many high-traffic environments and in innumerable places of production and movement of goods, the need for innovation always remains a growing constant.

Companies that install lifts and elevators with hydraulic piston, are often required to renew the existing facilities or build new ones that need to be ever more efficient.

To respond adequately to the demands of the market for hydraulic lifts and elevators, which are constantly evolving, it is necessary to activate a partnership with a manufacturer of components ready for the challenges both commercial and technological to which the companies of construction and installation of hydraulic lifts and elevators are called.

C.O.A.M. takes care of the relationship development and the collaboration with designers, clients and companies of construction and installation of hydraulic lifts and elevators, for this reason it has strengthened its engineering and technical assistance sectors.

We find ourselves, in many cases, in situations that require the design and construction of hydraulic cylinders and other components of our competence, such as for example the control units intended for extraordinary maintenance or modernization of existing plants, as well as the customization of components for new construction systems which however completely replace the old systems.

In all these cases satisfying the needs of customization and adaptation of the components is of fundamental importance in order to provide a valid and resolving support for the problems that our customers encounter from time to time.

C.O.A.M. fully addresses this need by offering greater flexibility thanks to its engineering department and its workshop production conducted by highly specialized personnel and equipped with the most advanced production facilities.

To develop the project of hydraulic lifts or elevators having C.O.A.M. as a supplier of components and the support of his engineering sector will facilitate the work of those who have to design, produce and install a cutting-edge vertical lifting system, whether it includes a special lift, a classic freight elevator or an advanced platform for vertical transport.

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